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Transformer Delivery to Labrador

Western Dimensional completed the delivery of five 130 ton transformers from Quebec to Labrador.

  • Rail Transport from Quebec to Labrador.
  • Transfer from railcar to hydraulic transporter using skidding system.
  • Road transport from nearest rail siding to hydro-electric station.
  • Transfer to on-site transporter using 400 ton gantry system.
  • On-site transport and installation on foundation using skidding system.
  • Engineering for all structures on route.
  • 8-axle heavy-duty railcars
  • 300 ton skidding system
  • 20 axle Goldhofer THP SL hydraulic transporter
  • 400 ton gantry system
  • 10 axle Goldhofer THP SL hydraulic transporter


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